Sexual assault at KU is not a ‘learning experience’

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Sexual assault cover quote

“The University administration should be ashamed at the accusations regarding the mishandling of a reported on-campus rape last year. The University Daily Kansan will seek the truth about why it happened and hold administrative bodies accountable for their actions.”

I spearheaded this.

I wrote this.

And this.

I edited this.

And this.

And these incredibly important ones — a letter to the editor and a story.


My first attempt at data journalism + infographic turned out OK

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Sexual assault lead graphic

I created this as part of a multimedia team project at the Management Seminar for College News Editors (informally known as MSCNE, pronounced “em-scene”) at Grady College at the University of Georgia.

Our team of nine as given our assignment at 5 p.m. on Wednesday and had until 9 a.m. Thursday to complete a lead story, sidebar story, photos, video, data analysis and an infographic. I had absolutely no experience with data pulling or designing, so naturally, I volunteered for both. I had no choice but to become an expert — and quickly.

At first, I was overwhelmed with the data. I had so many questions I felt that I needed to answer with it, but as time ticked down, I needed to prioritize. What I deemed most important and most feasible ended up on this graphic.

I used a free online program called Piktochart to create the image, which had text, icon and chart tools. However, I didn’t use a template — I started from scratch. The image you see is a product of at least seven hours of work.

I felt like I had blinders on while I worked on this. I wanted to ensure it was functional and beautiful, and I think I accomplished some of both. I felt like I not only accomplished the task, but I met my own high standards.

Compiling the data and creating this, ensuring it was functional and beautiful, was easily the best part of my week in Athens.

Rock Chalk Recycle promotes awareness and stadium cleanliness

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At halftime, two girls walk out of the chaos inside Allen Fieldhouse. Without skipping a beat, one chucks an empty Diet Coke can into the trash and continues her conversation with her friend.

Why would someone care about learning to recycle? Abarca’s answer is blunt.

“You don’t. That’s kind of the challenge,” he said.

(This article was originally written for a journalism course. It appeared in the University Daily Kansan on Dec. 3, 2013.)

President Obama addresses House vote in Ford Motor Co. speech

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It was an early morning for myself and the rest of the UDK news team assigned to cover the President’s speech. I woke up at 5 a.m. for the 45 minute drive to Claycomo, Mo., where just eight hours later, I would no longer wonder what Barack Obama’s voice sounds like in person.

The day was a blur. We spent those hours waiting for a speech that took maybe 30 minutes. Barack Obama walked onto the stage in a blue button-down shirt and presidential navy tie which almost blended with the shades of industrial gray of the warehouse. iPhone cameras flashed (my own included) as he smiled and approached the podium. The first few words that echoed in the gray over the amplified microphone mesmerized me before duty snapped me back to reality.

I sat down and started typing. I looked up when he was done, but he had already descended from the stage and had disappeared once more.

President Obama addresses House vote in Ford Motor Co. speech